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Stainless Steel, s.s, manufacturer, india, ahmedabad, gujarat
manufacturer of stainless steel (s.s) sheet, stainless steel (s.s) circle, stainless steel (s.s) kitchenware, stainless steel (s.s) pipe, stainless steel (S.S) blank
s.s sheet, s.s kitchenware,s.s circle, s.s blank, s.s pipe
s.s sheet, s.s kitchenware, s.s blanke, s.s circle, s.s pipe, manufacturer, india, ahmedabad, gujarat
s.s sheet, s.s kitchenware,s.s circle, s.s blank, s.s pipe
manufacturer of stainless steel (s.s) sheet, stainless steel (s.s) kitchenware, stainless steel (s.s) circle, stainless steel (s.s) blank, stainless steel (s.s) pipe
s.s 200, s s sheets, s s circles, s s pipes, s s blanks, s s kitchenware
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S S  kitchenware, s s sheets, s s pipes, s s circles, s s blank
We serve the nation of quality stainless steel products but also contribute towards Eco-Friendly environment.
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Stainless Steel (S.S) Sheets, Stainless Steel (S.S) Circles, stainless Steel (S.S) Pipes, Stainless Steel (S.S) kitchenware, Kitchenware Machinery, Moulds for Kitchenware , Moulds, Stainless Steel Bright Bars, S.S Bright Bars, Bright Bars
Propertise of S.S.200
Chemical Properties ::
The chemistry offered is derived form the parent AISI 200 series, with suitable technical modification to achieve the final properties in a cost effective manner as compared to the existing 304 Grade SS. Literature survey reveals that AISI 200 series were developed in 1950's in the United States, that development was strictly by the nickel shortage which was prevalent at that time. The composition of these Steels varied widely with carbon ranging from 0.08 to as high as 0.25%, nickel from 0.3 to around 7 % , Nitrogen from 0.10 to 0.4% with a chromium level of 14 to 18%. The technical theme behind development of these grades was mainly to substitute the costly nickel with manganese and nitrogen to achieve the austenitic structure by controlling the ratio of austenite forming elements and ferrite forming elements (Ferrite Factor) The drawbacks with these steel were higher carbon (>0.1%) and higher nitrogen resulting into poor formability characteristics. With these backgrounds a new chemistry was designed in which the carbon is controlled to a maximum level of 0.09% and nitrogen up to 1700ppm to aid in formability addition Copper is made so that the work hardening rate is controlled. Thus the optimized chemistry offered by us is
Grade SI4 S 0.015
C 0.07-0.09 Ni 0.75-0.95
Mn 9.2-9.4 Cr 14.8-15.2
Si 0.4-0.6 Cu 1.7-.9
P 0.075 N2 1550-1750
Physical Properties ::
Physical Properties of annealed AISI 200 Series
Destiny gr/cu.cm 7.74
  ib/cu.in 0.28
Thermal 20-100°C Cal/cm/sec/°C/cm 0.039
Conductivity 68-212°C Btu/ft2/hr/°F/ft 9.4
Specific Heat 0-100°C Cal/gm/°C 0.122
  32-212°F Btu/ib/°F 0.12
Coefficient of 20-100°C cm/cm/°C 16.6*10^-6
Thermal 68-212°F in/in/°F 9.2*10^-6
Expansion 20-316°C cm/cm/°C 18.0*10^-6
  68-600°Fin/in/°F 10.0*10^-6
  20-538°Ccm/cm/°C 19.6*10^-6
Mechanical Properties ::
200 Series 300Series
0.2% proof stress(kg/mm2) 35.5 26.7
Tensile Strength (ksi) 85-115 75-85
Elogation 45-55 40
Yield Stress (ksi) 50 35
GSN 8-9 7.8
Hv 208 157
Erchsen value 12.5 12.9
Limited Drawing Limit 2.0 2.3 to 2.5
Corrosion Properties ::
Considering that the components manufactured out of these sheets are used in normal atmospheric condition chromium level 14.5% to 25.5% is quite to resist pitting corrosion. Experiment carried out showed the following result
Kitchen utensils and cutleries retained their surface finish and luster similar to 304 Grade
Laboratories scaled experiments carried out under different media revealed the following data
Corrosion rates of the Stainless Steels Fully Immersed in 3% Sodium Chloride
Temperature Duration B>Corrosion
°K °C (Hour) B>x 10^-
J 303±2 30±2 720 2.58 Localised
S 303±2 30±2 720 3.29 Localised
J 371±2 98±2 100 0.25 Material Remained
Mixture (0.5% Citric Acid +0.5% Trataric Acid )
Temperature   Duration Corrosion
°K °C (Hour) B>x 10^-
J 303±2 30±2 720 0.44 Fungal growth
S 303±2 30±2 720 0.38 Fungal growth
J 371±2 98±2 100 0.34 Material Remained
S 371±2 98±2 100 0.17 Material Remained
Dissolution Behavior of the three stainless steel in 3%NaCl on total Immersion
SS B>Temp
Elements estimated by AAS (ppm)
Fe Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti
J 30±2 720 0.177 0.011 0.003 0.508 - -
S 30±2 720 0.157 0.048 0.024 0.48 - -
J 98±2 100 0.057 0.007 0.015 0.829 - -
S 98±2 100 0.010 0.012 0.028 0.035 - -
Formability ::
The blanks cut from the annealed sheets respond favorable to the commonly fabrication operation such as deep drawing, spinning, welding, bidding, rib formation, embossing, electro deposition of metal like copper and necking of cylindrical parts. The quantified data on formability is given bellow: Limited Drawing Ration - 2 Percentage Stretch in Spinning - 30%
Erichsen Value -

Note : Information in this document is only for the explanation of general characteristics and properties of our product. For requirement of exact report you should contact our technical department for same.
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